School visits

I am happy to visit schools from nursery age up to year 6. I can work with the school to format a fun, educational day, set out within the school requirements. I will read my stories, share my ideas, discuss where my ideas originated from, and even help children make their own stories through focused play and learning activities. I’m keen to promote not just reading in schools, but also spread positive messages of kindness and self-belief with the children, and my teaching resources reflect this.

How to prepare for my visit

I am flexible to work around the needs and timetables of the school, but would suggest as a guideline the following:

  • For nursery children up to reception, it would be more beneficial to do readings in small groups so that children can see the illustrations. These sessions would be 15 minutes followed by activities set out for the teachers to use and follow and I can join in too.
  • For years 1 and 2, I would suggest 40 minutes to read a story, a question and answer session, and start them off on activities.
  • I can go from classroom to classroom to see the progress and discuss their ideas and explore activities further.
  • Years 3 to 6 can happily have an hour for book discussion, ideas, story formation, and questions and answers.
  • Children will benefit if they have read rhyming books before my visit and have prepared some questions they would like to ask.
  • I would request a timetable from the school in advance so I can be fully prepared.
  • Please let me know if I need to bring signed copies of books to sell (order forms can be sent for you to hand to parents beforehand). If you would like a list of titles for parents to choose from please let me know. I’m happy to stay if the school has a bookstall or library and would like me to sign books for the children after school, just please let me know if you need me to at the time of booking.
  • You may display materials about my books throughout the school and share it with parents.


I live in Cambridgeshire. There are no travel expenses within the county, but outside it is 45p per mile or my train fare. I charge the following for an author visit, complete with two complimentary books for the school of your choice:


I now offer Microsoft Teams or Zoom interactive experiences. These will include a reading of my book and questions and answers. The time is usually around 30 minutes, but I’m pretty flexible with this. I charge £50.

Half-day visit

I can attend a half-day visit (2.5 hours) which is charged at £125. Ideal for smaller schools or nurseries.

Full-day visit

A full day is £250, plus expenses if traveling outside of Cambridgeshire.