Say hello to Hettie the Yeti

Discover what happens, when an unexpected guest arrives and does not stop talking. With a loveable main character, this book is packed full of beautiful illustrations and parents and children will adore the jibber-jabber journey with a hilarious twist at the end. What would you do with Hettie The Talking Yeti?

As featured on Littleradio, read by Chris Jarvis

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Funny and original

Chris Jarvis (CBeebies)

"Bold, colourful and tantalising"

Metroland Magazine

"If you want to enter a magical world, don't miss this!"


This is such a beautiful and enjoyable children's book by one of my favourite authors"


What a joy this book is. It has such eye catching illustrations and the story of the good witch defeating an evil wizard is great fun... oops spoiler alert

Michael Holt"Spellbinding fun"

Beautifully illustrated and written book that children will adore following on from the awesome Og 10/10 for both books well done !

Debbie Hill"Beautiful"

This is such a beautiful and enjoyable children's book by one of my favorite authors and it was totally filled with vibrant colors and beautiful illustrations. It follows the story of the Hagwitch who saves her people with her magical skills. I really enjoyed the way it was narrated, it's narrated in a lyrical way and it's filled with rhymes all over! This is a book that will help any kid to broaden his/her imagination capacity with some interesting pictures and a story which is filled with adventures.
Not just kids, I think, even teens and adults can enjoy it because it's so bright and cheerful and I totally loved the Hagwitch! Also the magical broom and rainbow, it was so much fun. So, if you want to enter the magical world, don't miss this one!!

Rutuja Ramteke"Loved it totally"